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Land Acknowledgement

The Prison Transparency Project operates globally and is headquartered on the unceeded and unsurrendered territories of the Algonquin Anishnabeg of Kitigan Zibi, whose presence here reaches back to time immemorial.

We recognize the Algonquin people as the customary keepers and defenders of the Kichi Zībī (also called the Ottawa River) and its tributaries. 

We grieve for our First Nations neighbours for the devastating harms of colonization, and recognize that oppression, trauma, and systemic violence are not a ‘dark chapter in our nation’s past’ but an ongoing brutal reality. For the PTP, we see this reality manifest in the ongoing over-incarceration of indigenous people. The PTP stands firm in its committment to end the use of prison for indigenous people around the world.

We acknowledge that those among us who are settlers in this land have inherited both immense privilege and heavy culpability. We are not interested in performative activism, and as such we pledge to continuing to actively learn about the true history of this country, and do the ongoing work of doing better, being better, and working towards the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action

We recognize and honour the First Peoples of this land and we stand in solidarity.

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