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Sarah Turnbull



Dr. Sarah Turnbull is Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Legal Studies at the University of Waterloo and a faculty member of the Balsillie School for International Affairs where she also co-leads the Migration, Mobilities, and Social Politics Research Cluster. She publishes in the areas of immigration detention, deportation, parole and reentry, and punishment. In addition to the Prison Transparency Project (PTP), Dr. Turnbull’s current projects include a research monograph based on a multi-sited ethnography of immigration detention in the United Kingdom; a SSHRC-funded study of immigration detention reform in Canada; and a study with Prof. Laura Piacentini (University of Strathclyde) on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on imprisonment in Canada and Scotland. She was co-investigator (with PI Prof. Moore) on the SSHRC Partnership Development Grant that was the precursor to the PTP. Dr. Turnbull co-leads the Canadian immigration detention cluster on the PTP and is part of the PTP communications team. 

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