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Hollis Moore



Dr. Hollis Moore is an Assistant Professor of Law and Legal Studies at Carleton University, where she works closely with Dr. D. Moore (no relation). Dr. H. Moore’s research focuses on the permeability of prisons and the relationship between practices of imprisonment and the sociality of heavily penalized neighbourhoods. She is trained as a Socio-Cultural Anthropologist and has been conducting immersive, long-term ethnographic research in Brazil for over a decade. In addition to her extensive research and networks in Latin America, she has worked closely with marginalized peoples, with experiences of incarceration, in Toronto, northern Thailand, and Appalachia (eastern Kentucky). Dr. H. Moore has expertise in cross-cultural qualitative research concerning criminal justice issues as well as the ethics of research with vulnerable populations. Dr. H. Moore is an active member of the Anthropology of Confinement Network and the Global Prisons Research Network. She has published in the Cambridge Journal of Anthropology, contributed chapters to several edited volumes that take a global perspective on critical carceral studies, and delivered invited public talks on her research in Canada, Brazil, the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States. She co-leads the Methods cluster with Dr. Mensah as well as leads the research for the Ontario hub.

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