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Tin Wall

Dawn Moore

Primary Investigator


Dr. Dawn Moore is Professor of Law and Legal Studies at Carleton University. Dr. D. Moore’s work focuses on criminalized subjectitivies (the addict, the victim, the deviant). She is currently working on a SSHRC Insight Grant that forms the basis of Making Victims, a manuscript under contract with Routledge. Dr. D. Moore was the PI for the precursor SSHRC Partnership Development Grant (PDG) to this partnership. Dr. D. Moore is widely published in a variety of areas including prison privatization, prison governance, Indigeneity and carceral landscapes and has a manuscript in progress with Dr. Sarah Turnbull on prisoner transportation and movement. Dr. D. Moore has worked with Dr. Kilty, Dr. Velloso Dr. Sozzo, Dr. Ballesteros-Pena, Dr. Brandariz, and Dr. Chartrand. Dr. D. Moore is an established qualitative researcher, has led two large research teams and has over 20 years experience working and researching in carceral environments. She has supervised one PhD and four MA students to completion with 7 others in progress and trained 16 RAs. In her capacity as Project Director, Dr. D. Moore will chair the Steering Committee, sit as an observer on the Partner & Community Advisory Board, and Co-Lead the Canada Jurisdictional Team with Dr. Velloso.

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