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Who We Are

The Prison Transparency Project (PTP) is an international research project focused on studying and comparing global systems of incarceration. The project is led by a collective of researchers from Argentina, Canada, and Spain, and informed by people with lived experience of incarceration as well as a broad network of partners including NGOs, grassroots organizations, friends and families of incarcerated people, lawyers, journalists, activists, and more.


  1. To document, map, and compare systems of prison transparency, with a focus on ‘unofficial’ ways information gets into and out of carceral sites;

  2. To contest northern domination of so-called ‘best practices’ in both global prison oversight and the field of criminology; and

  3. To create platforms to support cross-national network-building between grassroots advocates, activists, people with lived experience, their supporters, and prison watchdogs.

Watch this space for more PTP activity, coming soon!

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